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Server and agent settings

Configuring a voice provider


Configuring a voice provider

Configuring a voice provider

To use voice messages to deliver tokens, you must configure a third-party voice provider and then configure STA for Voice OTP.

The only supported voice provider is Twilio.

You can also customize the voice OTP messages that the virtual server sends.

Configure a third-party voice provider

To use Twilio as a voice provider:

  1. Go to


    You will receive a verification email.

  2. Click on the URL in the verification email.

    The Twilio console displays.

  3. Verify the phone number that you are using for this account.


    Twilio sends a verification code to the number that you provided.

  4. Answer the prompts to create your account.


    If you are using a trial account you will be provided with a balance that is sufficient for testing.

  5. Get a trial number.


    You now have all of the information required.


With the trial account, you must verify the caller ID of any number other than the one verified when logging in to use the Voice OTP service.

Configuring STA for Voice OTP

Use the information obtained from configuring a voice provider to configure STA for Voice OTP, as described in:

To use Voice OTP, the virtual server must have an SMS token allocated and a user with a valid contact number.

Voice OTP works in both challenge-response (preferred) and quick log mode.

You can test the functionality on the user portal or self-sevice site by providing the user name and OTP that would be delivered by a call.