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Server and agent settings

Voice OTP settings


Voice OTP settings

Voice OTP settings

Voice providers are used to send voice OTPs. There are two options for sending voice messages:

  • Default—No Voice OTP gateway. However, Voice OTP settings are inherited from the parent virtual server if they are configured.

  • Custom—Select this option to configure the virtual server to send voice messages via a service provider to which you have subscribed. You can verify the ability to send voice messages by entering the phone number of a device capable of receiving voice messages in the Sender's Phone Number field.

Prior to configuring STA, configure a custom voice provider. The voice provider that you configure applies to the organization and its sub-organizations.

You can also customize the voice OTP messages that the virtual server sends.

Configure STA to use a custom voice provider

To configure STA to use a custom voice provider:

  1. On the STA Token Management console, select Comms > Communications > Voice OTP Settings.


  2. Select Custom.


  3. Provide the details about the voice provider that you are using:

    • Voice Provider—Twilio.

    • Account Id—Provided by Twilio.

    • Authentication Token—Provided by Twilio.

    • Sender's Phone Numbers—Provided by Twilio. The numbers from which you will receive calls.

      Phone numbers must contain digits only and must begin with a country code.

    • Delay between messages (ms)—The delay between calls in milliseconds.

      The only voice provider supported is Twilio. Refer to Twilio for details.

  4. Select Apply.

The recommended settings are: 

  • SMS template in Challenge Response mode

  • Numeric PIN's only (complex PINS are not supported)

Other tasks related to the Voice OTP feature include: