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Token passcode processing policy


Token passcode processing policy

Token passcode processing policy

There are global settings that determine how the server will evaluate OTPs and support offline authentication.

  1. On the STA Token Management console, select Policy > Token Policies > Token Passcode Processing Policy.


  2. Configure the settings as required:

    • Ignore case in Hexadecimal and Base 32 token codes—This is a usability enhancement. If enabled, users will be able to enter OTPs using either uppercase or lowercase letters. If unchecked, users must enter Base32 token codes using only uppercase letters.

    • Allow disconnected authentication—This option is used in conjunction with the SafeNet Authentication Agent for Windows Logon. If enabled, users will be able to log in to their Windows computers using an OTP, even if the computer is not connected to a network. The number of disconnected authentications is the maximum number of times a user can log in to their computer before they must connect to the network and authenticate against the Virtual Server.