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SafeNet Trusted Access


SafeNet Trusted Access

SafeNet Trusted Access

Some features may not be available in your service zone.

Get started

Get started

STA overview: About SafeNet Trusted Access (STA)

Log in as operator: Discover the STA consoles

Add users: Populate the database

Edit global policy: Set default authentication

Provision tokens: Map token types to users

Enroll token: Test the user experience

Access your first application: Access the user portal to test your setup

Protect cloud apps: Protect cloud applications, like Office 365

Configure your service

Token policies: Configure token parameters, PINs, synchronization, and more

Add customer support: Help Desk and other roles

Add operator: Share the management tasks

Add trusted requester: RADIUS clients, agents

Edit containers: Partition the organization

Access policies: Set authentication options

Add applications: Single sign-on for SAML and OIDC applications

Apply branding: Modify logo and messages

Settings: Configure server and agent settings

Compliance and standards: Compliance with PCI-DSS

Monitor your virtual servers

View dashboard: Monitor access attempts

View events: Monitor access and audit logs

View reports: Monitor system performance

Security integrations

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