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Server and agent settings

Data collection


Data collection

Data collection

As part of providing the SafeNet Trusted Access (STA) service, and for the sole purpose of continuously improving the service, Thales collects limited information about how operators use the STA administration consoles. No information is collected about end users.

Usage data is collected to understand how various STA features are used, to enhance product capabilities, and to improve the user experience for operators. All operator and account data is collected anonymously, and no personally identifiable information, such as names, emails, or IP addresses, is collected.

The terms of service include the terms and conditions for collecting and processing data for analytics.

Turning off data collection

Data collection is turned on for both new and existing virtual servers by default. However, an operator can turn off data collection for their account, which affects all operators in their account. Only operators whose role includes edit permission for the STA Access Management console can change this data collection setting.

The data collection setting applies to only the current account and it doesn't affect any child accounts.

When data collection is turned off, all operators in the account are immediately excluded from data collection. Furthermore, all data that was previously collected for any operators in that account is also deleted within 21 days of turning off data collection.

When an operator or account is deleted from STA, the corresponding data is also deleted.

If the data collection setting is turned off, it remains turned off when an operator accepts the terms of service from a dialog box.

To opt out of data collection for all operators in the virtual server:

  1. In the bottom-right corner of the STA Access Management console, select the Terms of Service link.


  2. On the Terms of Service page, turn off the Data Collection toggle.


Data collection changes in the audit logs

When an operator explicitly changes the data collection setting, the change is recorded in the audit logs. The log entry includes the following information:

  • Action Taken: Enable or Disable

  • Object Type: Terms

  • Object Title: Data Collection Option