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Server and agent settings

Time zone offset


Time zone offset

Time zone offset

The time zone offset is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

You can control the offset from UTC for the time that is recorded for a reported activity.

The time zone offset affects:

The time zone offset is automatically inherited from the parent at the time of account creation. If an account has no parent , its offset is based on the local server time. The local server time of account in the cloud is UTC 0.

When an account’s time zone offset is changed, the upcoming scheduled reports are not affected. Only after a scheduled report is run will a recurring report be scheduled using the new offset.

If the account is a subscriber, time stamp changes affect only the virtual server.

If the account is a service provider, time stamp changes affect the service provider’s virtual server and all reports and activities performed at the service provider level (for example, administration | reports, allocation or deallocation, date/time Stamp, all view log data).

A time zone offset adjustment may impact the date of an activity.

Time adjustments are local to the virtual server.

  1. On the STA Token Management console, select Policy > Automation Policies > Time Zone Offset.


  2. In the Adjust Time Zone relative to UTC list, select the offset in hours from the UTC.

  3. Select Apply.