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SafeNet MobilePASS+

SafeNet MobilePASS+ terminology


SafeNet MobilePASS+ terminology

SafeNet MobilePASS+ terminology

Term Platform Description

Activation string or code


The activation string is sent to the SafeNet MobilePASS+ user, who uses it to activate the application and add tokens.


Android and iOS

The term used to identify push notification based passcode delivery.

Biometric PIN


Biometric refers to metrics as related to human characteristics. With SafeNet MobilePASS+, the human characteristic is a fingerprint, which can be used to access the application and tokens, as an alternative to manually entering a PIN. See also: Fingerprint sensor.

Challenge-response or OCRA (OATH Challenge-Response Algorithm)


A family of protocols in which one party presents a question ("challenge") and another party must provide a valid answer ("response") to be authenticated. If SafeNet MobilePASS+ is configured to work with Challenge-Response, the user is sent the challenge code. The user then enters the code into the token, taps the Challenge-Response button, and the passcode (the response) is displayed

Enhanced push approval

Android and iOS

An enhanced push approval workflow allows the user to approve or deny a login request without opening the SafeNet MobilePASS+ app. This feature applies only to tokens that are not PIN-protected and that have been configured to support this feature.

See also: Push OTP



Enrollment is the process of adding a SafeNet MobilePASS+ token to the SafeNet MobilePASS+ app and making it active.

Event-based tokens


Event-based tokens generate passcodes when a particular event occurs, typically when the user presses a button or taps an icon. The passcode generated by an event-based token is valid until another passcode is generated.

Face ID


Face ID is facial recognition that uses the built-in camera on iPhone X devices. After enrolling one or more fingerprints on the device, Face ID can be used instead of a password when unlocking devices and logging onto applications and websites.

SafeNet MobilePASS+ for iOS can be configured to use Face ID as a convenient alternative to manual entry of the PIN in PIN-protected tokens.

Fingerprint sensor


A fingerprint sensor is an electronic device used to capture a digital image of the fingerprint pattern. The SafeNet MobilePASS+ app utilizes a fingerprint sensor on the device when using the Biometric PIN feature. See also: Biometric PIN.

SafeNet MobilePASS+ app


The SafeNet MobilePASS+ app turns your mobile device into a two-factor authentication device, removing the need to carry an additional hardware token.

As a SafeNet MobilePASS+ user, you can generate passcodes on your mobile device or computer, and use those passcodes to authenticate to protected corporate and web-based applications.

SafeNet MobilePASS+ token


A SafeNet MobilePASS+ token is related to an account and its associated parameters, such as name, user PIN, enrolled keys, and PIN policy. Each SafeNet MobilePASS+ app can manage multiple SafeNet MobilePASS+ tokens. For example, a user may require several tokens, each one related to a different web service.

OTP (One Time Password)


An OTP is an automatically generated numeric or alphanumeric string of characters that authenticates the user for a single transaction or session.

Passcode is the preferred term in SafeNet MobilePASS+ apps and documentation, and is identical to OTP.



The Passcode is the password generated by the SafeNet MobilePASS+ token for authenticating to a protected web or network resource. If the token is configured for a time-based OTP, the password is active for a limited period, and can be used once only, preventing access to unauthorized users, even if stolen. If the token is set up as event-based, the passcode is valid until another passcode is generated

PIN (Personal Identity Number)


If so configured, the SafeNet MobilePASS+ app requires the user to enter a PIN to use the application. This provides an additional layer of protection, preventing unauthorized users from using the application.

Protected resource


A protected resource is any part of a computer system or network, such as a web, cloud, or VPN, requiring authentication to enable access.



Access Domain is a SIM Toolkit/UICC Toolkit parameter that specifies the identities or access rights (CHV & ADM) granted to an application to access GSM/ UICC files and perform actions on these files. For example, if the Access Domain value is “FF” (No Access to the File System), attempts to access a file cause an exception.

Push OTP

Android and iOS

With push OTP technology, when accessing a protected resource, a push notification is sent to the user’s device. The user approves the request with a single tap of a button. A new OTP is automatically generated by the SafeNet MobilePASS+ app and sent to the protected resource, eliminating the need to generate manually a one-time passcode (OTP) on your mobile device or to enter the OTP passcode in the login page.

QR code

Android and iOS

Quick Response (QR) code is a two dimensional barcode, a machine readable optical label.

SafeNet MobilePASS+ can use the smartphone’s camera as an imaging device to scan a QR code containing the information required to perform token enrollment.

Software token

Android and iOS

A software token is a two-factor authentication security application that is used to authorize the use of computer services.

The SafeNet MobilePASS+ app is an example of a software token.

By contrast, a hardware token is a physical device that needs to be connected to the computer by, for example, a USB connection, to enable authentication.

Time-based tokens


Time-Based tokens generate passcodes at preset time intervals. When a new passcode is generated, the previous passcode is no longer valid.

A SafeNet MobilePASS+ token can be configured to operate as a time-based token.

Touch ID


Touch ID is a fingerprint identity sensor built into the Home button on iPhone and iPad devices. After enrolling one or more fingerprints on the device, Touch ID can be used instead of a password when unlocking devices and logging onto applications and websites.

SafeNet MobilePASS+ for iOS can be configured to use Touch ID as a convenient alternative to manual entry of the PIN in PIN-protected tokens.