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Adding a User


Adding a User

Adding a User

Service Provider Administrators can add and manage additional service provider administrators to assist with managing a service provider tenant. Tenant Administrators can add and manage additional tenant administrators and Application Owners.

To create a new tenant you must be a service provider administrator. See the section Adding a Tenant for more information.

We recommend users avoid including special characters such as !@#$%^&(), in common fields such as the account name or subscriber group name as these characters can cause errors in the platform.

To add a user

From the Accounts tab under Users select a user tile:

  • Service Provider Administrator
  • Administrator
  • Application Owner

Enter the criteria for the user account.

Application owners must belong to a Subscriber Group. We recommend creating the subscriber group before adding an application owner. Failure to have the subscriber group available will result in the application owner being created in the incorrect environment, or the tenant administrator having to restart the registration process. See the section Subscriber Group Management for further details.

Click Add User.