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CipherTrust Key Management Services


CipherTrust Key Management Services

CipherTrust Key Management Services

CipherTrust Key Management Services were formerly known as Key Management on Demand services.

CipherTrust Key Management Services are a collection of service tiles that allow users to create and manage cryptographic keys and integrate them to external applications. Tenant Administrators and Application Owners can use the CipherTrust Key Management Services to generate and supply root of trust keys for pre-integrated applications.

Your tenant environment may grant you access to any of the following CipherTrust Key Management Services:

  • Salesforce Key Broker: Create tenant secrets for Salesforce and manage your keys and security policies in concert with Salesforce Shield across their lifecycle.
  • Key Broker for Azure: Generate and import keys into Microsoft Azure Key Vault to enhance data protection and compliance
  • Key Broker for Google Cloud EKM: Generate, manage, and use encryption keys via a unique key URL and establish strong control and access policies to enhance data protection and compliance.

If you identify a service that is not available from your tenant portal, that you would like to use, contact your tenant administrator and request that they enable the service. See Configuring Available Services. Some Data Protection on Demand services have unique provisioning paths, such as accessing through a partner marketplace. Consult the service documentation for further details about adding services.