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Data Protection on Demand allows Tenant Administrators and Application Owners to access Enterprise Tenants where they can provision encryption services in the form of Luna Cloud HSM Services, CipherTrust Key Management Services, payShield Cloud Services and Partner Services.

DPoD Tenant Administrators and Application Owners are responsible for managing DPoD Services.

Services Table

The Services Table table provides a high-level overview of active services in DPoD. You must have created a service in the DPoD tenant for it to appear in the Services Table. The Services Table contains the following information:

  • Name - Service name/label. Click the service name to access the service page.
  • Service Type - The type of service.
  • Created - Service creation date.
  • Actions - The actions column contains a Trash Can icon for service deletion. Services created through the Google Cloud Marketplace do not have access to the Trash Can icon and must be deleted through the Google Cloud Marketplace.