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User Details


User Details

User Details

Administrator users can access and manage user details from the Data Protection on Demand GUI. Service Provider Administrators and Tenant Administrators can review user account details from the Users tab.

The Users tab provides a high level overview of active DPoD user accounts in the Users Details table.

You can click on the user account email in the Email Address column to access further details about the selected user.

User Details Table

The User Details table provides a high-level overview of user accounts in DPoD. The User Details table contains the following information:

  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Actions - The actions column has a drop-down menu which provides service provider administrators quick access to the following capabilities:
    • Reset User Password - Opens a confirmation dialog. On approval, provides administrator with a temporary password to provide to the user.
    • Reset MFA Token - Resets the MFA Token associated with the account. On reset, the user needs to repeat the MFA registration.
    • Delete User - Opens a confirmation dialog, and on approval removes the associated user account.

User Details Page

The User Details page is accessible from the User details table and provides further information about the user account and the associated role.

On the User Details page service provider administrators can edit account details, reset account passwords, reset the MFA token, or delete the user account.