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Partner Services


Partner Services

Partner Services

DPoD includes Partner service tiles. The Partner service tiles redirect the user to an affiliated service site where they can register for a DPoD partner's service offering. The Partner service allows you to use a third party service which leverages the DPoD Luna Cloud HSM Service offering as the HSM backend.


Partner service suppliers are responsible for supporting their services. Thales cannot support Partner services or provide troubleshooting assistance for the partner services.

Partner Services in DPoD

The Partner service tile is not a Thales offering. As a result, Partner services are excluded from the following marketplace features and capabilities:

  • Services - Partner services cannot be provisioned through DPoD. As a result, Partner services are not included in the Service Details table.
  • Reporting - Partner service tiles do not appear in summary reports or monthly reports.
  • Service Elections - Partner service tiles are not selectable options in the Service Elections forms.

If you want access to a Partner service that is unavailable in your marketplace, contact your tenant administrator and request they enable the service. See Configuring Available Services for more information about enabling and disabling DPoD tiles.

If a Partner service tile is going to be removed from DPoD, the DPoD operations team and the Partner supplier will alert the user to the change in the service level agreement and provide a window of opportunity to adjust service use.

Partner billing is coordinated by the Partner supplier through the Partner website. Please be aware that registering for Partner services will accrue costs in addition to the DPoD bill. You will receive an additional bill from the Partner service team for any consumption or use of their Partner offering.

Partner Service Registration

If you want to register a Partner service, you need to access Partner Registration Form and submit the completed form to DPoD operations for validation and approval. Contact DPoD customer support at for access to the Partner Registration Form.