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This document provides troubleshooting recommendations for account management in your Thales Data Protection on Demand tenant.

Account Verification

If you are expecting an account verification email from DPoD and you have not received it, please verify the following before contacting Thales support:

  • Check your Junk/Spam folder.
  • Check your Trash/Bin folder.
  • Verify your account was registered with the correct email address.
  • Check the Changelog for any related announcements.
  • Check the DPoD Status Page and verify there are no outages or maintenance notices.

If account verification emails from DPoD are appearing in your Junk/Spam folder add the email address to your approved senders list.

Account Support Requests

If you require support assistance, please submit a ticket to support at

Please include the following in your support request:

  • A detailed description of the failed operation or request
  • Tenant hostname URL - example:
  • User email address
  • An incident id (if it was displayed on an error page)
  • Approximate time of the incident and time zone

For security purposes Thales DPoD may only support the following account credential requests:

  • reset all users MFA tokens

Before submitting a request to support for assistance with account credential requests, please review User Management for details on how to Reset a Password and Reset an MFA Token.

Recovering your Tenant URL

Your tenant URL is required for access to your DPoD tenant. If you have forgotten or misplaced your tenant URL we recommend the following:

Option 1 - Check your email inbox for the tenant/user verification emails which are sent when the tenant/user is registered. DPoD account notifications and alerts are sent from the domain name.

Option 2 - Contact your Service Provider Administrator or Tenant Administrator.

Option 3 - Send an email to requesting assistance with tenant URL recovery. Please include the following account details in your request:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company name
  • Tenant email address