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Key Broker for Azure Service

Service Details


Service Details

Service Details

Tenant administrators and application owners can review limited details on any Key Broker for Azure services that are configured by application owners. This includes a brief summary of the service configuration details and any generated keys.

Select the Services tab and click on the service name in the Name column of the Services Table to access further configuration details about the Azure for Key Broker service.

Screenshot of the Azure Service Details Table.

Service Details Panel

  • Service Name - Service name/label.
  • Service Type - The Luna Cloud HSM Service or CipherTrust Key Management Services. It is always "Azure" for this service type.
  • Created - Service creation date.
  • Created By - User who created the service.
  • Azure Subscription - The Azure subscription associated with the service.
  • Azure Resource Group - The Azure Resource Group where the key vault was created.
  • Azure Key Vault - The name of the Azure Key Vault where the Key Broker for Azure service can push keys to.
  • Azure User ID - The Azure User ID that configured the Key Broker for Azure service to connect to the Azure Key Vault.

Service Details Table

  • State - The state of the vault key. Can be active or inactive.
  • Key ID - The unique string for identifying the key in DPoD.
  • Created At - The date and time when the key was created.
  • Azure Key Identifier - The unique Key Identifier in Azure.