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SafeNet FIDO Key Manager for Windows is a standalone offline application that allows customers and end users to manage and setup Thales’ FIDO USB tokens and Smartcards. You can use these FIDO devices for a secure and phishing-resistant authentication method for logging into various websites or applications. It allows administrators or end users to be in full control of their physical FIDO devices and not dependent on the limited functionality offered natively by browsers or desktops. With SafeNet FIDO Key Manager, you can configure the basic FIDO specifications and the unique set of additional features that Thales’s FIDO devices offer for better security and control.

SafeNet FIDO Key Manager offers the following features:

  • Display Thales FIDO Devices connected to computer via USB or card reader.
  • Display Thales FIDO Device's applet mode, and serial number.
  • Setup PIN
  • Chage PIN
  • Reset FIDO Key
  • Unblock FIDO Key
  • Thales proprietary features:
    • Setup Admin PIN
    • Update Admin PIN
    • Configure Whitelist
    • Manage FIDO Key Reset
    • Configure Minimum PIN Length
    • Unblock a user’s FIDO Key