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Luna Cloud HSM Services


Luna Cloud HSM Services

Luna Cloud HSM Services

Luna Cloud HSM Services were formerly known as HSM on Demand or HSMoD services.

Luna Cloud HSM Services provide a user with software access to a partition on a Hardware Security Module (HSM) over the internet, with specific subscription options based on the encryption use case. Luna Cloud HSM Services can be used for the following cryptographic operations:

  • Encrypt/decrypt
  • Sign/verify
  • Key wrapping
  • Key storage
  • Code signing

Luna Cloud HSM Services are available through Thales Data Protection on Demand Subscriber Tenants in the form of service tiles. Your subscriber tenant may grant you access to any of the following Luna Cloud HSM Services:

If you identify a service that is not available from your tenant portal, that you would like to use, contact your tenant administrator and request that they enable the service. See Configuring Available Services. Some Data Protection on Demand services have unique provisioning paths, such as accessing through a partner marketplace. Consult the service documentation for further details about adding services.