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Luna Cloud HSM Service Guide


Luna Cloud HSM Service Guide

Luna Cloud HSM Service Guide

Luna Cloud HSM Services provide Tenant Administrators and Application Owners with software access to a partition on a Hardware Security Module (HSM). Users can provision a Luna Cloud HSM Service in their DPoD Enterprise Tenant and configure and access the partition using a bound client application on the host machine. To add, configure, and use an Luna Cloud HSM Service partition you:

Luna Cloud HSM Services can be integrated with third party applications to increase application security. See Integrations.

Luna Cloud HSM service partitions are available in both FIPS and non-FIPS modes.

  • FIPS mode partitions provide access to a limited set of FIPS approved cryptographic algorithms that adhere to the standards and requirements of the NIST. FIPS mode partitions use the latest FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified firmware.
  • Non-FIPS mode partitions provide access to an unrestricted set of cryptographic algorithms that includes the algorithms from the FIPS list as well as additional algorithms such as elliptic curves. Non-FIPS mode partitions use the latest firmware which includes updates, bug fixes and enhancements. As a result, non-FIPS partitions may be using a firmware which is not FIPS certified.

Refer to the Mechanisms List for a list of available FIPS and non-FIPS mechanisms.

To verify if your partition is using a FIPS certified firmware access the Cryptographic Module Validation Program and search for Vendor: Thales and Module Name: SafeNet Cryptovisor K7 + Cryptographic Module. Compare the certified firmware versions with the CV firmware version that is displayed when you launch lunacm and connect to your HSM partition.

We recommend downloading a new client for your Luna Cloud HSM Service regularly to gain access to the latest bug fixes, firmware updates, cryptographic utilities, enhanced performance and improved service resilience. For more information, see Upgrading your Luna Cloud HSM Service.