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Luna Cloud HSM Services

Deprovision Service


Deprovision Service

Deprovision Service

Deleting a Luna Cloud HSM Service will destroy all cryptographic material on any associated partitions and will revoke access from any clients bound to the service.

Tenant Administrators and Application Owners can deprovision services using the DPoD tenant. To delete a service you must be a member of the Subscriber Group that the service belongs to.

  1. Navigate to the My Services list from the services tab.

  2. Find the service you would like to delete. You can filter and sort on service name, type and creation date.

  3. Click the trash can icon in the service's row.

  4. Enter the service's name in the confirmation dialog and click Delete.

Luna Cloud HSM Services created through external marketplaces must be deleted through that marketplace. Access the external marketplace to delete your Luna Cloud HSM Service and cancel your subscription.