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Information Types

Infotype NameCategoryRegion
American ExpressFinancialGlobal
Australian Bank Account NumberFinancialOceania
Australian Business NumberFinancialOceania
Australian Company NumberFinancialOceania
Australian Driver License NumberPersonal DataOceania
Australian Healthcare Identifier - OrganisationMedicalOceania
Australian Individual Healthcare IdentifierdicalOceania
Australian Mailing AddressPersonal DataOceania
Australian Medicare CardMedicalOceania
Australian Medicare ProviderMedicalOceania
Australian Passport NumberPersonal DataOceania
Australian Tax File NumberNational IDOceania
Australian Telephone NumberPersonal DataOceania
Austrian Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Austrian Mailing AddressPersonal DataEurope
Austrian Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Austrian PersonalausweisNational IDEurope
Austrian SSNNational IDEurope
Austrian Telephone NumberPersonal DataEurope
Belgian Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Belgian eIDNational IDEurope
Belgian National NumberNational IDEurope
Belgian Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Belgian Telephone NumberPersonal DataEurope
Brazilian CPFNational IDAmericas
Brazilian Registro GeralNational IDAmericas
Bulgarian EGNNational IDEurope
Canadian Bank Account NumberFinancialAmericas
Canadian Health Service NumberMedicalAmericas
Canadian Mailing AddressPersonal DataAmericas
Canadian Passport NumberPersonal DataAmericas
Canadian Personal Health Identification Number (PHIN)MedicalAmericas
Canadian Social Insurance NumberNational IDAmericas
Canadian Telephone NumberPersonal DataAmericas
Chilean RUNNational IDAmericas
China Union PayFinancialGlobal
Credentials usernamePersonal DetailsGlobal
Credentials passwordPersonal DetailsGlobal
Croatian OIBNational IDEurope
Cypriot Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Czech Republic RCNational IDEurope
Danish CPRNational IDEurope
Danish Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Danish Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Date Of BirthPersonal DataGlobal
Date Of Birth (under 18)Personal DataGlobal
Diners ClubFinancialGlobal
Drug Enforcement Agency NumberMedicalAmericas
Dutch BurgerservicenummerNational IDEurope
Dutch Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Dutch NIKNational IDEurope
Dutch Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Dutch Telephone NumberPersonal DataEurope
Email addressesPersonal DataGlobal
Ethnicity (English)Personal DataGlobal
European EHICMedicalEurope
Finnish HETUNational IDEurope
French Carte VitaleNational IDEurope
French CNINational IDEurope
French Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
French INSEENational IDEurope
French Mailing AddressPersonal DataEurope
French Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
French Telephone NumberPersonal DataEurope
Gambian National Identification NumberNationalAfrica
Gender (English)Personal DataGlobal
Generic Bank Account NumberFinancialGlobal
German Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
German Mailing AddressPersonal DataEurope
German Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
German PersonalausweisNational IDEurope
German Telephone NumberPersonal DataEurope
Greek AFMNational IDEurope
Greek AMKANational IDEurope
Greek Passport NumberPersonal DetailsEurope
Hong Kong IDNational IDAsia
Hungarian Personal IDNational IDEurope
Icelandish KennitalaNational IDEurope
International Bank Account Number (IBAN)FinancialGlobal
IP AddressPersonal DataGlobal
Iranian National Identification NumberNationalAsia
Irish Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Irish Passport Card NumberPersonal DataEurope
Irish Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Irish Personal Public Service NumberNationalEurope
Irish Telephone NumberPersonal DataEurope
ISO8583 message with PANFinancialGlobal
Israeli Bank Account NumberFinancialAsia
Israeli Identity NumberNational IDAsia
Italian CARTA D'IDENTITÀNational IDEurope
Italian Codice FiscaleNational IDEurope
Italian Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Italian Mailing AddressPersonal DataEurope
Italian PassportPersonal DataEurope
Italian Telephone NumberPersonal DataEurope
Japanese Bank Account NumberFinancialAsia
Japanese Driver License NumberPersonal DataAsia
Japanese Passport NumberPersonal DataAsia
Japanese Resident Registration NumberNationalAsia
Japanese Social Insurance Number (SIN)NationalAsia
Latvian Personas KodsNational IDEurope
License NumberPersonal DataGlobal
Login credentialsPersonal DataGlobal
Luxembourg Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Luxembourg IDNational IDEurope
Luxembourg Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Luxembourg Phone NumberPersonal DataEurope
MAC AddressPersonal DataGlobal
Macedonian UMCNNational IDEurope
Malaysian NRICNational IDAsia
Maltese eIDNational IDEurope
Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI)Patient Health DataNorth America
Mexican CURPNational IDAmericas
New Zealand Inland Revenue NumberNational IDOceania
New Zealand Mailing AddressPersonal DataOceania
New Zealand Passport NumberPersonal DetailsOceania
New Zealand Telephone NumberPersonal DataOceania
Norwegian Birth NumberNational IDEurope
Norwegian Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Norwegian Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Passport NumberPersonal DataGlobal
Peoples Republic of China IDNational IDAsia
Personal Names (Austrian)Personal DataEurope
Personal Names (Belgian)Personal DataEurope
Personal Names (English)Personal DataGlobal
Personal Names (French)Personal DataEurope
Personal Names (German)Personal DataEurope
Personal Names (Italian)Personal DataEurope
Personal Names (Netherlands)Personal DataEurope
Personal Names (Polish)Personal DataEurope
Personal Names (Portuguese)Personal DataEurope
Polish Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Polish Identity CardNational IDEurope
Polish Mailing AddressPersonal DataEurope
Polish Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Polish PESELNational IDEurope
Polish Telephone NumberPersonal DataEurope
Portuguese Citizen's CardNational IDEurope
Portuguese Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Portuguese Fiscal NumberNational IDEurope
Portuguese Identity NumberNational IDEurope
Portuguese Mailing AddressPersonal DataEurope
Portuguese Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Portuguese Phone NumberPersonal DataEurope
Private Label CardFinancialGlobal
Profanity (English)Personal DetailsGlobal
Religion (English)Personal DataGlobal
Romanian Identity CardNational IDEurope
Romanian Numerical Personal CodeNational IDEuropeSaudi Arabia National ID
Serbian UMCNNational IDEurope
Singaporean NRICNational IDAsia
Slovakian RCNational IDEurope
Slovenian EMSONational IDEurope
South African Identity NumberNational IDAfrica
South Korean Corporation Registration Number (법인등록번호)FinancialAsia
South Korean Driver License NumberPersonal DetailsAsia
South Korean Foreigner NumberNational IDAsia
South Korean Gwangju Bank (광주은행) Account NumberFinancialAsia
South Korean Jeju Bank (제주은행) Account NumberFinancialAsia
South Korean Jeonbuk Bank (전북은행) Account NumberFinancialAsia
South Korean KB Bank (국민은행) Account NumberFinancialAsia
South Korean KEB Hana Bank (KEB하나은행) Account NumberFinancialAsia
South Korean NH Bank (농협은행) Account NumberFinancialAsia
South Korean PassportPersonal DataAsia
South Korean Phone NumberPersonal DataAsia
South Korean RRNNational IDAsia
South Korean Shinhan Bank (신한은행) Account NumberFinancialAsia
South Korean Taxpayer Identification Number (사업자등록번호)FinancialAsia
Spanish DNINational IDEurope
Spanish Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Spanish NIENational IDEurope
Spanish Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Spanish Social Security NumberNational IDEurope
Spanish Telephone NumberPersonal DataEurope
Sri Lankan National Identity CardNational IDAsia
Swedish Driver License NumberPersonal DataEurope
Swedish Nationellt ID-kortNational IDEurope
Swedish Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
Swedish PersonnummerNational IDEurope
SWIFT CodeFinancialGlobal
Swiss Social Security NumberNational IDEurope
Taiwanese IDNational IDAsia
Thai Population Identification CodeNational IDAsia
Turkish Identification NumberNational IDEurope
Turkish Telephone NumberPersonal DataEurope
United Arab Emirates IDNational IDAsia
United Kingdom Community Health IndexMedicalEurope
United Kingdom Driver License NumberPersonal DetailsEurope
United Kingdom Electoral Roll NumberPersonal DetailsEurope
United Kingdom Health and Care NumberMedicalEurope
United Kingdom Mailing AddressPersonal DataEurope
United Kingdom National Health Service NumberMedicalEurope
United Kingdom NI NumberNational IDEurope
United Kingdom Passport NumberPersonal DataEurope
United Kingdom Self Assessment UTR NumberNational IDEurope
United Kingdom Telephone NumberPersonal DataEurope
United Kingdom VAT NumberFinancialEurope
United States Bank Account NumberFinancialAmericas
United States Driver License NumberPersonal DetailsAmericas
United States Health Insurance Claim NumberMedicalAmericas
United States Health Plan IdentifierMedicalAmericas
United States Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)National IDAmericas
United States Mailing AddressPersonal DataAmericas
United States National Provider IdentifierMedicalAmericas
United States Passport NumberPersonal DetailsNorth America
United States Passport Card NumberPersonal DetailsNorth America
United States Routing Transit NumberFinancialAmericas
United States Social Security NumberNationalAmericas
United States Telephone NumberPersonal DataAmericas
Yugoslavia UMCNNational IDEurope

Supported Formats


Compressedbzip2, Gzip (all types), TAR, Zip (all types)
DatabasesAccess, DBase, SQLite, MSSQL MDF & LDF
ImagesBMP, FAX, GIF, JPG, PDF (embedded), PNG, TIF
Microsoft Backup ArchiveMicrosoft Binary / BKF
Microsoft Officev5, 6, 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003 onwards
Open SourceStar Office / Open Office / Libre Office
Open StandardsPDF, RTF, HTML, XML, CSV, TXT

Office files


  • Legacy: Legacy filename extensions denote binary Microsoft Word formatting that became outdated with the release of Microsoft Office 2007. Although the latest version of Microsoft Word can still open them, they are no longer developed. Legacy filename extensions include:

    • .doc – Legacy Word document; Microsoft Office refers to them as "Microsoft Word 97 – 2003 Document"
    • .dot – Legacy Word templates; officially designated "Microsoft Word 97 – 2003 Template"
    • .wbk – Legacy Word document backup; referred as "Microsoft Word Backup Document"
  • OOXML: Office Open XML (OOXML) format was introduced with Microsoft Office 2007 and became the default format of Microsoft Word ever since. Pertaining file extensions include:

    • .docx – Word document
    • .docm – Word macro-enabled document; same as docx, but may contain macros and scripts
    • .dotx – Word template
    • .dotm – Word macro-enabled template; same as dotx, but may contain macros and scripts
    • .docb – Word binary document introduced in Microsoft Office 2007


  • Legacy: Legacy filename extensions denote binary Microsoft Excel formats that became outdated with the release of Microsoft Office 2007. Although the latest version of Microsoft Excel can still open them, they are no longer developed. Legacy filename extensions include:

    • .xls – Legacy Excel worksheets; officially designated "Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet"
    • .xlt – Legacy Excel templates; officially designated "Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Template"
    • .xlm – Legacy Excel macro
  • OOXML: Office Open XML (OOXML) format was introduced with Microsoft Office 2007 and became the default format of Microsoft Excel ever since. Excel-related file extensions of this format include:

    • .xlsx – Excel workbook
    • .xlsm – Excel macro-enabled workbook; same as xlsx but may contain macros and scripts
    • .xltx – Excel template
    • .xltm – Excel macro-enabled template; same as xltx but may contain macros and scripts


  • Legacy:

    • .ppt – Legacy PowerPoint presentation
    • .pot – Legacy PowerPoint template
    • .pps – Legacy PowerPoint slideshow
  • OOXML:

    • .pptx – PowerPoint presentation
    • .pptm – PowerPoint macro-enabled presentation
    • .potx – PowerPoint template
    • .potm – PowerPoint macro-enabled template
    • .ppam – PowerPoint add-in
    • .ppsx – PowerPoint slideshow
    • .ppsm – PowerPoint macro-enabled slideshow
    • .sldx – PowerPoint slide
    • .sldm – PowerPoint macro-enabled slide


  • Legacy:

    • .ade – Protected Access Data Project (not supported in 2013)
    • .adp - Access Data Project (not supported in 2013)
    • .mdb - Access Database (2003 and earlier)
    • .cdb - Access Database (Pocket Access for Windows CE)
    • .mda - Access Database, used for addins (Access 2, 95, 97), previously used for workgroups (Access 2)
    • .mdt - Access Add-in Data (2003 and earlier)
    • .mdf - Access (SQL Server) detached database (2000)
    • .mde - Protected Access Database, with compiled VBA and macros (2003 and earlier)
    • .ldb - Access lock files (associated with .mdb)
  • Available formats since Access 2007:

    • .accdb – The file extension for the new Office Access 2007 file format. This takes the place of the MDB file extension
    • .accde – The file extension for Office Access 2007 files that are in "execute only" mode. ACCDE files have all Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) source code hidden. A user of an ACCDE file can only execute VBA code, but not view or modify it. ACCDE takes the place of the MDE file extension
    • .accdt – The file extension for Access Database Templates
    • .accdr – is a new file extension that enables you to open a database in runtime mode. By simply changing a database's file extension from .accdb to .accdr, you can create a "locked-down" version of your Office Access database. You can change the file extension back to .accdb to restore full functionality


  • .pst - Outlook
  • .ost - Outlook
  • .msg - Outlook
  • .dbx - Outlook


  • .pub – a Microsoft Publisher publication
  • .xps – a XML-based document format used for printing (on Windows Vista and later) and preserving documents


  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • PostgresQL

Big Data

  • Hadoop

Security Audit Log Event Messages

The following table contains a complete list of security audit log event messages that DDC prints in the log file.

DDCScanClientInvalidCredentialsProbeA probe with invalid credentials.
DDCScanClientUnexpectedErrorProbeAn unknown probe error.
DDCPhoenixBackgroundProcessAuthenticationErrorA failed authentication against PQS in
DDCPhoenixUpdatePQSSettingsAuthenticationErrorA failed authentication against PQS updating
DDCHDFSUpdateHDFSettingsAuthenticationErrorA failed authentication against HDFS updating HDFS
DDCHDFSBackgroundProcessAuthenticationErrorA failed authentication against HDFS in background
DDCUnauthorizedCloneRequestAn unauthorized CLONE request.
DDCUnauthorizedGetRequestAn unauthorized GET request.
DDCUnauthorizedListRequestAn unauthorized LIST request.
DDCUnauthorizedListPaginatedRequestWithContextAn unauthorized LIST PAGINATED request with
DDCUnauthorizedCreateRequestAn unauthorized CREATE request.
DDCUnauthorizedUpdateRequestAn unauthorized UPDATE request.
DDCUnauthorizedListProvisionedRequestAn unauthorized LIST PROVISIONED request.
DDCUnauthorizedGetProvisionedRequestAn unauthorized GET PROVISIONED request.
DDCUnauthorizedGetActiveNodeRequestAn unauthorized GET ACTIVE NODE request.
DDCUnauthorizedTestConnectivityRequestAn unauthorized TEST CONNECTIVITY request.
DDCUnauthorizedGetLicenseRequestAn unauthorized GET LICENSE request.
DDCUnauthorizedDecryptRawDataFileRequestAn unauthorized DECRYPT RAW DATA FILE request.
DDCUnauthorizedGetDatastoreReportRequestAn unauthorized GET DATASTORE REPORT request.
DDCUnauthorizedFindScanRequestAn unauthorized FIND SCAN request.
DDCUnauthorizedScanActionRequestAn unauthorized SCAN ACTION request.
DDCPQSUnaccessibleGetSummaryReportErrorAn inaccessible PQS in GET SUMMARY REPORT request.
DDCPQSUnaccessibleGetDatastoreDetailReportErrorAn inaccessible PQS in GET DATASTORE DETAIL
DDCPQSUnaccessibleGetDataObjectsDetailsReportErrorAn inaccessible PQS in GET DATAOBJECTS
DDCPQSUnaccessibleGetInfotypesSummaryReportErrorAn inaccessible PQS in GET INFOTYPES SUMMARY
DDCPQSUnaccessibleGetDataObjectsSummaryReportErrorAn inaccessible PQS in GET DATAOBJECTS
DDCPQSUnaccessibleGetScanDetailsReportErrorAn inaccessible PQS in GET SCAN DETAILS REPORT
DDCPQSUnaccessibleCreateReportTemplateErrorAn inaccessible PQS in CREATE REPORT TEMPLATE
DDCPQSUnaccessibleGetReportTemplateErrorAn inaccessible PQS in GET REPORT TEMPLATE request.
DDCPQSUnaccessibleFindReportTemplatesErrorAn inaccessible PQS in FIND REPORT TEMPLATE
DDCPQSUnaccessibleUpdateReportTemplateErrorAn inaccessible PQS in UPDATE REPORT TEMPLATE
DDCPQSUnaccessibleGetScanExecutionsErrorAn inaccessible PQS in GET SCAN EXECUTIONS request.
DDCResourceRetrievalGenericCloneErrorA GENERIC CLONE request.
DDCResourceRetrievalGenericGetErrorA GENERIC GET request.
DDCResourceRetrievalGenericListErrorA GENERIC GET request.
DDCResourceRetrievalGenericListPaginatedRequestErrorA GENERIC LIST PAGINATED request.
DDCResourceRetrievalGenericCreateErrorA GENERIC CREATE request.
DDCResourceRetrievalGenericUpdateErrorA GENERIC UPDATE request.
DDCResourceRetrievalGenericListProvisionErrorA GENERIC LIST PROVISION request.
DDCDatastoreDecryptDataEncryptionKeyNotFoundErrorA GET KEY request.
DDCDatastoreEncryptDataErrorAn ENCRYPT DATA request.
DDCScanWatcherInterruptedTimeoutAn INTERRUPTED TIMEOUT request.
DDCScanClientRetrieveScanTimeoutA RETRIEVE SCAN TIMEOUT request.
DDCScanActionRequestA SCAN ACTION request.
DDCDatastoreUpdateRequestA DATASTORE UPDATE request.
DDCDatastoreCreateRequestA DATASTORE CREATE request.
DDCScanDeleteRequestA SCAN DELETE request.
DDCSummaryReportGetRequestA GET SUMMARY REPORT request.
DDCDatastoreDetailReportGetRequestA GET DATASTORE DETAILS REPORT request.
DDCDataObjectsDetailReportGetRequestA GET DATASTORE DETAILS REPORT request.
DDCInfotypesSummaryReportGetRequestA GET INFOTYPES SUMMARY REPORT request.
DDCDataObjectsSummaryReportGetRequestA GET DATAOBJECTS SUMMARY REPORT request.
DDCScanDetailsReportGetRequestA GET SCAN DETAILS REPORT request.

Configuration Backup

You can back up and restore the DDC configuration by using the Backup/Restore functionality available in CipherTrust Manager. Such a backup will include the following elements:

  • Data Stores

  • Branch Locations

  • Classification Profiles

  • Infotypes

  • Report definitions

This backup will not include the information about the scan executions.

Creating/Restoring the Configuration Backup

To create or restore a backup of your DDC configuration:

  1. Log in to CipherTrust Manager.

  2. Click the Admin Settings link on the dashboard.

  3. Select Backups from the sidebar on the left. This will display the Backups screen.

  4. To create a backup of your DDC configuration, click the Create Backup button.

  5. To restore your DDC configuration from a backup, click the Upload Backup button.

For more details refer to these sections of the CipherTrust Manager documentation:

Configuration Backup Limitations

  • The configuration backup references the DDC Active Node. Restoring the backup to a different CipherTrust Manager cluster leaves DDC referencing an invalid node, and therefore without any valid active node.

  • The configuration backup contains the definition of the DDC resources (such as the Scan or Data Store definitions). Restoring from a backup that does not contain a certain resource (for example, a Custom Classification Profile) or a resource version after a scan had been completed causes a TDP scan execution data to point to an invalid resource identifier.

    If you generate a report that points to the missing resource you may display incomplete data (such as not being able to display the resource name) and/or fail.

Creating/Restoring Backup of Scan Executions

To back up or restore the your Data Discovery and Classification scan executions data you need to access the DDC data stored in Hadoop. For details, refer to the Thales Data Platform Hadoop Backup section in the Thales Data Platform Administrator Guide.

Mounting an NFS Share

To mount an NFS share on a Proxy agent, run this command as root:

sudo mount <nfs-server-hostname|nfs-server-ipaddress>:</target/directory/share-name>