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Managing GuardPoints

Enabling Secure Start for GuardPoints


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Enabling Secure Start for GuardPoints

Information in this section is applicable to Windows clients.

Access to a Secure Start GuardPoint is permitted only during the boot sequence and for a short period. After the VMD is up and running, it performs normal agent initialization and communicates with the CipherTrust Manager to access files within a GuardPoint location.

A CipherTrust Manager administrator can enable Secure Start either when creating a GuardPoint or later by modifying the GuardPoint.

To enable Secure Start for a GuardPoint:

  1. Open the Transparent Encryption application.

  2. Click Clients > Clients.

  3. Under Client Name, click the desired Windows client.

  4. Click the GuardPoints tab.

  5. Click the overflow icon (Overflow Icon) corresponding to the desired GuardPoint.

  6. Click View/Edit. The Edit GuardPoint dialog box is displayed. In the edit mode, you can enable or disable the Secure Start and Preserve Sparse Region toggles.

  7. Turn on the Secure Start toggle. By default, the toggle is off.

  8. Click Save.

Refer to the CTE Agent for Windows Advanced Configuration and Integration Guide for details about using the Secure Start feature.

To disable Secure Start for a GuardPoint, turn off the Secure Start toggle in the Edit GuardPoint dialog box.