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CCKM Administration

Backup and Restore


Please Note:

Backup and Restore

CCKM resources can be backed up and restored on the CipherTrust Manager. CipherTrust Manager supports system backups and domain scoped backups. Refer to Backups for details.

Only the CCKM EKM resources are part of the domain backup. Support for other CCKM resources will be added in a future release. This section describes the behavior of CCKM resources while restoring domain backups.


The domain backup and restore of CCKM resources are in tech preview.


  • The backup and restore of CCKM resources (Projects, Google EKM Endpoints and Cryptospaces) in a domain only works among the domains of different CipherTrust Managers. This feature does not support backup and restore among different domains of the same CipherTrust Manager.

  • Currently, partial domain backup and restore of CCKM resources (Projects, Cryptospaces, EKM Endpoint) are not supported.

Restore Behavior of CCKM Resources


It is recommended to restore the backup of CCKM resources in an empty domain.

After restore, make sure to update the Key URI Hostname of the restored EKM endpoints.

The following table depicts the behavior of CCKM resources. We recommend you to get familiar with the below terms used in the table:

Resource is skipped: the resource will be ignored and not restored.

Conflicting resource: at least any one of the unique attributes (for example, name) of the resource is the same in the source domain (backup file) and the target domain.

Conflicting ResourceBehavior
Project1. This project will be skipped.
2. All cryptospaces created under this project will be skipped.
3. All EKM endpoints created under each cryptospace in step 2 will be skipped.
Cryptospace1. This cryptospace will be skipped.
2. All EKM endpoints created under this cryptospace will be skipped.
EKM Endpoint1. This EKM Endpoint will be skipped.