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Managing GuardPoints

Protecting Teradata Appliances


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Protecting Teradata Appliances

In a Teradata appliance, the disks used by the database cannot be resized. So, when they are guarded as an IDT-capable device, the metadata for those disks is stored externally in a directory on the local file system.

Before proceeding, review the "CipherTrust InPlace Data Transformation for Linux" section of the CTE Agent for Linux Advanced Configuration and Integration Guide. Make sure to fulfill the IDT requirements.

To protect a Teradata appliance:

  1. Register the Teradata node with the CipherTrust Manager. Refer to the CTE Agent Quick Start Guide for details.

    After registration, you can apply GuardPoints to the data stored on the device, for example, /dev/sdb.

  2. Make sure the path /opt/vte/vte-metadata-dir exists. Create, if it does not.

  3. Apply a Standard GuardPoint to /opt/vte/vte-metadata-dir. Refer to Creating Standard GuardPoints for details.

  4. Configure the device as IDT capable. Run the command:

    voradmin idt config -external xform /dev/sdb
  5. Apply an IDT GuardPoint to the device. Refer to Creating IDT GuardPoints for details.