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This section describes how to handle the issues that you might face when using CTE with the CipherTrust Manager.

Connection Issues

SymptomsPossible Cause and Remediation
• Client status is Error
• Configuration changes are not pushed to the client
• Requests like Browse file system are failing
Analyze the CTE logs, identify connection failure reasons, and rectify them:
1. Look for the issues in the /var/log/vormetric/server_comms.log file on the CTE agent. This file contains information about the CipherTrust Manager's communication with the client.
2. Identify the cause of the issue.
3. Take appropriate action to resolve the issue. For example, you might need to:
    • Restart vmd to get the latest init.
    • Enable the connection timeout on the CipherTrust Manager to resolve registration token related errors.

Registration Issues

SymptomsPossible Cause and Remediation
Registration fails with conflict errorsConflict errors occur when a client with the given name already exists on the CipherTrust Manager. To fix these issues:
• Delete the existing client entry from the CipherTrust Manager.
• Unenroll the existing client if you want to register it with another CipherTrust Manager.
NOTE: A conflict error might occur even if no CTE client with the given name exists on the CipherTrust Manager. To resolve the issue:
1. Check for the client name under Client-Management: Clients in the API playground.
2. Delete the client from the list.
3. Retry registration with the same name.
Reregistration fails with capabilities related errorsCapabilities cannot be disabled during reregistration with the CipherTrust Manager. To disable the CTE Agent capabilities, delete the client from the CipherTrust Manager and register again with these capabilities disabled.

Licensing Issues

SymptomsPossible Cause and Remediation
• Registration fails with licensing errors
• LDT feature cannot be used
• CTE configurations are read-only
Registration can fail if the number of purchased licenses are consumed or the validity of a license is expired. This is applicable for both types of licenses: the base license (CTE - TransparentEncryption) and the add-on license (CTE - LiveDataTransformation).
• To enable LDT at the time of registration (or later), make sure that you have a valid base license and a valid add-on LDT license.
• After a license is expired:
    – A new client cannot be registered.
    – Existing operations on registered clients remain in tact. Their existing security configurations are pushed as and when required.
    – Creation of new GuardPoints with decryption policies is allowed.
    – Existing resources on the CipherTrust Manager become read only. Only existing records can be viewed.

Configuration Issues

SymptomsPossible Cause and Remediation
Mismatched log levels between the CipherTrust Manager configuration and client logsTry these:
• Check the configuration in the linked profile on the CipherTrust Manager.
• Validate the vmd configuration on the CTE client by running:
  vmsec vmdconfig