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Reports provide an easy and quick method to answer queries such as:

  • How many clients are registered with the CipherTrust Manager?

  • What is the health status of clients?

  • What clients have Learn Mode enabled?

  • How many keys are used for protecting data?

  • What keys and policies are linked?

  • How many GuardPoints are applied on a client?

  • What key is used to protect a specific GuardPoint?

  • What CTE resources belong to a specific CipherTrust Manager domain?

Use the Domain Sharing Data toggle button to include/exclude information about CTE resources shared across domains.

View the latest CTE reports and download them as PDF and CSV documents on your local machines. The PDF and CSV formats present reports in easy-to-understand tabular forms.

Important Note on CSV Reports

If the names of CTE resources include special characters like equals (=), plus (+), minus (-), at (@), tab (0x09), and carriage return (0x0D), the resources are renamed in the downloaded CSV reports by applying the following rules:

  • Every cell is wraped in double quotes

  • Every cell is prepended with a single quote

  • Every double quote is escaped using an additional double quote

For example, a resource named =A+B'" ;,=C+D is renamed as "'=A+B'"" ;,=C+D" in the downloaded CSV report.

Report Types

The Reports page shows different types of CTE reports on the following tabs:

ClientsShows the health status of the CTE clients available on the CipherTrust Manager. Refer to Clients Health Report.
Clients KeysShows the keys used for protecting GuardPoints on the CTE clients available on the CipherTrust Manager. Refer to Clients Keys Report.
Clients ProfilesShows the mapping of clients with the profiles they are linked to on the CipherTrust Manager. Refer to Clients Profiles Report.
Clients PoliciesShows the mapping of clients with the policies applied to them on the CipherTrust Manager. Refer to Clients Policies Report.
Policies KeysShows the list of keys used by the CTE policies. A key can be used by multiple policies, similarly, a policy can have multiple keys. Refer to Policies Keys Report.
GuardPointsShows the GuardPoints applied to the CTE clients available on the CipherTrust Manager. Refer to GuardPoints Report.
Clients GuardPoints StatusShows the status of GuardPoints applied to the CTE clients available on the CipherTrust Manager. Refer to Clients GuardPoint Status Report.

Filtering Reports

Use the "Search by" box to search for records in the reports by different resources or CipherTrust Manager domains.

When searching for records by domain names, specify the complete and exact domain name including case-sensitivity. For example, searching for "test", "test-domain", and "Test-Domain" will return different search results.

However, search by other resources support regular expressions and case-insensitivity. For example, when searching the Clients reports by Name, if you type the letter "t", the search results will display all the reports that have the letter "t" in their names, regardless of the order, complete name, and case-sensitivity.

The records can also be filtered using the on-screen filters. To filter the records, click the Filter icon (Filter Icon), selected/clear the desired option, and click OK. When a filter is applied, the icon changes to (Filtered Icon).

To hide/show desired columns in the report, click the Custom View icon (Custom View Icon), select/clear the check box against the desired column, and click OK.