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Administration & Maintenance

Administering Your Luna SA HSM Appliance

This section covers activities that you might perform for maintenance of your Luna SA, or to implement optional features and functions.

This section assumes that you have already installed the hardware and software and performed the Configuration procedures as described in the Configuration Guide (see the Table of Contents).

The topics and activities in this Administration guide might be optional (depending upon the version of HSM appliance that you have purchased, or upgrades that you have since installed), or they might be occasional maintenance tasks that you can look up when you need them.

We suggest that you take a look at all topics, to have an idea of what is available.

The guide is roughly divided between tasks that affect the appliance, not including the HSM itself, and tasks that pertain to management of the HSM inside the appliance. Some items might overlap both categories - where necessary, cross-references point to other related tasks and descriptions.

"Administer the Appliance (outside the HSM)"

"Administer the HSM within the appliance"




Appliance Administration

Administer the Appliance (outside the HSM)

Backup & Restore Service Configuration

Backup and Restore Your Appliance Service Configuration

Changing Appliance Passwords

About Changing Appliance Passwords

Connection Security, About

Connections to the Appliance - Limits

Decommission or Declassify

End of service and disposal

HSM "Decommission" Button

Declassify the HSM Appliance

Entropy Pool and RNG

Failed Logins & Forgotten Passwords

Failed Logins

Forgotten Passwords

Resetting Passwords

Recover or reset admin account password

Fan and Power Supply Maintenance


Fan Maintenance

HA and Load Balancing

Configure HA - Setup Appliances & Register Clients

Client - Create HA Group

HA Recovery/autoRecovery

HA Replacing a Failed Luna SA

HA Operational Notes and FAQ

HSM Decommission Button

HSM Driver Timeout Adjustment

HTL, About

Logging, Notes About

Managing Administrative Users

Recovering or re-setting admin account

Named Administrative Users and Their Assigned Roles

Messages from system during ssh session

Resetting to Factory Condition

Network Trust Link Service (NTLS)

When to restart ntls

Impact of service restart ntls

NTLS Keys in Hardware or in Software

NTLS (TLS) Performance Issue

NTP and Drift Correction

NTP on Luna SA

Using Secure NTP

Example Using Secure NTP

Example Using Simple NTP

Correcting Time Drift without NTP

Power Consumption

PKI with Luna SA

Public-Key Authentication for Administrator (optional)

Using Public-Key Authentication

Remote Logging

Security of Your Luna SA System

Security and Handling Issues - HSM Appliance

About Connection Security

Setting and Clearing SSH Device Restrictions

Shutdown or Reboot

SNMP - About

SNMP Operation and Limitations




Additional OAM&P Commands

Tamper Behavior


Updating Your System

About Updating Luna SA

Luna Capability Updates

Advanced Configuration Upgrades

HSM Administration

Administer the HSM within the appliance

Audit Logging

Configuring and Using Audit Logging

Audit Logging General Advice & Recommendations

Audit Logging - Remote file system

Authenticating - PED and Password

Password Authentication (option)

PED Authentication (trusted path) (option)

Luna PED and PED Keys

Remote HSM Admin Using Remote PED

Backup & Restore HSM and Partition Contents

Backup HSM-Battery Installation

Luna Backup or Luna G5 HSM Battery Questions

HSM Backup

HSM Restore

Partition Backup

Partition Restore

How long does data last?

Why is Backup optional?

What is this Error about "token not in factory reset state"?

Changing HSM and Partition Passwords

Resetting Passwords

Clients and Applications

Access a Partition from a Client

External HSMs - Using Luna G5 or Token-format HSM with Luna SA Appliance

Card Reader (Luna DOCK 2) and Token-style HSMs

Consolidate Multiple Luna CA4 Tokens


HSM NOT in FIPS140-2 approved mode

HSM Decommission Button

HSM Information Monitor

HSM Initialization and Zeroization


Legacy Domain

Lost PED Keys or PED PINs, or passwords

LunaCM utility - notes about using

Migrating from other Luna HSMs

Partitions (logical HSM spaces for clients)

Partition Creation - Notes

Activating and AutoActivating Partitions

Remove a Partition

Security of Your Partition Challenge


Performance and the PE1746

Public Key Infrastructure and Removable HSMs

Using an external HSM with Luna SA Appliance

Card Reader (Luna DOCK 2) and Token-style HSMs

Re-initialize an HSM

Secure Transport Mode and Purple PED Key

Purple Keys, Tamper, and Secure Transport

Secure Transport Mode [Local]

Secure Transport Mode [Remote]

Re-split Required

Using a Luna SA HSM Partition via a Client

Client using an HSM Partition

Frequently Asked Questions



Worksheet for Luna SA Setup