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VKM to CAKM for Oracle TDE


VKM to CAKM for Oracle TDE


  • Data Security Manager (DSM) is up and running at a supported version. Refer to the DSM documentation for details.

  • A supported Vormetric Key Manager (VKM) version is configured with a supported DSM version. Refer to the VKM documentation for details.

  • CipherTrust Manager is up and running at a supported version. Refer to CipherTrust Manager Deployment for details.

If you are running an unsupported version, upgrade your environment to a supported version before proceeding. Refer to the corresponding product documentation for upgrade instructions.

Supported Versions

Current Setup

VKM6.3.0 or higher
DSM6.4.4 or higher

Target Setup

CAKM for Oracle TDE8.10
CipherTrust Manager2.5.2 or higher

Migration Steps

  1. Migrate your keys from DSM to a supported CipherTrust Manager version. Refer to Migrate from Data Security Manager for details.

    The backed up keys when restored on the CipherTrust Manager will reside in their respective domains as were on DSM, which will be later used for migration tasks.

  2. Shut down the database.

  3. Uninstall the VKM agent from the Oracle machine.

    • It is recommended to take a backup of required files and database(s).
    • CAKM for Oracle TDE does not support slot. Refer to Slot and Domain Support for more details.

  4. Install the CAKM for Oracle TDE provider on the Oracle machine and complete the configuration settings. Refer to Installing and Configuring CAKM for Oracle TDE for details.

  5. Perform the Migration Tasks.