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Vormetric BDT to CipherTrust BDT


Vormetric BDT to CipherTrust BDT


  • Data Security Manager (DSM) or KeySecure Classic is up and running at a supported version. Refer to their respective documentation for details.

  • A supported BDT version is configured with a supported DSM or KeySecure Classic version. Refer to the BDT documentation for details.

    If you are using an older version of Vormetric BDT:
    1. Save the configuration file at some location.
    2. Uninstall Vormetric BDT.
    3. Install BDT 2.3.0.
    4. Copy the configuration file to the new installation.
    5. Re-encrypt passwords in the configuration file.

  • CipherTrust Manager is up and running a supported version. Refer to CipherTrust Manager Deployment for details.

If you are running an unsupported version, upgrade your environment to a supported version before proceeding. Refer to the corresponding product documentation for upgrade instructions.

Supported Versions

Current Setup

Vormetric BDT2.3.0 or higher
DSM6.4.5 or higher
KeySecure ClassicSupported by BDT

Target Setup

CipherTrust BDT2.3.0 or higher
CipherTrust Manager2.4 or higher
CADPTo be decided
CT-VLTo be decided

Migration Steps

  1. Upgrade your existing Key Manager to CipherTrust Manager.

  2. If encrypting using Vormetric Application Encryption (VAE) or ProtectApp JCE (PA-JCE), use the following migration path:

    1. For VAE: Install a supported version of CADP for Java, and configure it with the CipherTrust Manager. Refer to the CADP for Java documentation.

    2. For PA-JCE: Migrate from PA-JCE to CADP for Java. Refer to Migrate from ProtectApp JCE to CADP for Java for details.

    3. Update the BDT configuration file to point the instance of CADP for Java to CipherTrust Manager.

  3. If tokenizing using Vormetric Tokenization Server (VTS), migrate from VTS to CT-VL. Refer to VTS to CT-VL Migration documentation for details.

  4. Resume operations.