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SVT to CADP for Java


SVT to CADP for Java


  • A supported SVT version is up and running with a supported KeySecure Classic version. Refer to the SVT User Guide for details.

  • CipherTrust Manager is up and running at a supported version. Refer to CipherTrust Manager Deployment for details.

  • Oracle Java version 8 or higher should be installed.

Supported Versions

Current Setup

SVTAll versions

Target Setup

CADP for Java8.13.0 or higher
CipherTrust Manager2.8 or higher

Migration Steps

  1. Upgrade your KeySecure Classic to CipherTrust Manager. Refer to Migrating KeySecure Classic Data to a CipherTrust Manager Appliance for details.

  2. Install the latest version of CADP for Java.


    Ensure that the installed location is part of your CLASSPATH.

  3. Update the file with the IP address and port number of the CipherTrust Manager.

  4. Configure the file.


    If you have configured the following files prior to migration, ensure to reconfigure them after migration.




  5. Run the Vaultless Tokenization sample to verify the migration.

  6. After successful migration, tokenize/detokenize data using CADP for Java.

Important Notes

  • Currently, there is no migration path for REST APIs/WebServices.

  • After successful migration, the tokens generated by SVT can be detokenized using CADP for Java.