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This section describes steps to acquire an authorization token and standard API response codes. The chapter also lists the types of RESTful APIs offered by CCKM.

Examples in these sections show how to use the RESTful APIs using the Curl tool. You can use other tools or programs as per your requirements.

Acquiring an Authorization Token

To use the REST interface, you must acquire an authorization token to make API calls.

To acquire an authorization token:

  1. Open the CipherTrust Manager URL in a browser.

  2. Click the API & CLI Documentation link. The API playground is displayed.

  3. At the top right, click Authenticate.

  4. Enter username and password.

  5. Click POST. The default domain is root.

    This acquires an API token and prefills it in the playground examples. The token expires in 300 seconds (5 minutes). When it expires, use this tool again to acquire a new token.

On successful token generation, the remaining token expiry time in seconds is displayed. Two new buttons, Clear Credentials and Re Authenticate, are also displayed at the top right.

API Response Codes

RESTful APIs included in CCKM are based on HTTP protocol. They return standard HTTP response status codes. The response codes returned by APIs included in CCKM are:

Response CodeDescription
4xxClient errors
5xxServer errors

Refer to HTTP status codes for details.