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Scheduler APIs


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Scheduler APIs

CCKM allows you to periodically synchronize or rotate keys in the background. To synchronize or rotate keys, you need to create job configuration. A job configuration defines when to run a synchronization or rotation job. The time when a job is run is defined using the run-at parameter. The time must be specified using the cron expression format:

"* * * * *"

These five values indicate when the job should be executed. These values are mandatory and must be specified in order of minute, hour, day of month, month, and day of week.

The following table lists the accepted values:

FieldAllowed ValuesAllowed Special Characters
Day of month1-31*/,-?
Month1-12 or JAN-DEC*/,-
Day of week0-6 or SUN-SAT*/,-?

Refer to the following sections for: