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DDC Licensing Model


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DDC Licensing Model

Trial License

Thales CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification (DDC) is deployed with a trial license already installed and activated "out of the box". This allows you to enjoy a fully-functional product for 90 days and up to the 1 TB of data allowance.

After the trial license expires, the DDC configuration in CM becomes read-only. While you still have access to your old reports you are not able to generate new ones, add new targets, or create new scans. You have to contact Thales to request a full license and install it in CipherTrust Manager. For more information on obtaining and installing licenses, refer to the Licensing section in the Thales CipherTrust Manager Administrator Guide.

Data allowances of the trial license and full license do not add up! After installing a new full license your data allowance will be that of the new license only (for example, if your trial license has 1 TB data allowance and your full license 50 TB, after installing the full license your data allowance will be 50 TB not 51 TB).

Full License Options

Under the full license you get a fully-functional product with a specified data allowance and for a specific period of time. The license model offers you enough flexibility to choose an option that best suits your needs in terms of the license duration and prospective data allowance. You can choose from among these values:

  • Expiration period

    • 1 year
    • 3 years
  • Data allowance

    • 15 TB *
    • 50 TB
    • 100 TB
    • 150 TB
    • 250 TB
    • 500 TB
    • 1 PB
    • 1.5 PB
    • 3 PB
    • Unlimited

* Available only for licenses with 1 year expiration period.

Viewing the License Status

To view the status of your DDC license:

  1. Log in to CM and navigate to the licenses screen (Admin Settings > Licensing).

  2. Search for DDC_DATA_ALLOWANCE in the list of installed features.

    Use the Search box if the list is too long and you cannot quickly find the DDC_DATA_ALLOWANCE entry.

  3. Having found the DDC license, you have a few options available:

    • You can quickly check its status by looking at the State column in the DDC_DATA_ALLOWANCE entry. It can be either Active or Expired.

    • You can check the license expiration date, in the Expiration column.

    • If the license is still active, you can view additional details about it. To do that, click the black arrow on the left of DDC_DATA_ALLOWANCE to expand the whole entry. This displays the Client Usage card, with the information about the total data allowance that you have (Total), the amount of data allowance that you have already used up (Used), and the amount of data allowance that you still have available (Available).

      If the Available figure has a negative value, it means that you have used up and exceeded your available data allowance. You will not be able to launch new scans until you install a new license and the Available figure has a positive value. After installing or removing a license you have to wait some time for that action to be reflected in the licenses screen (usually, about one minute).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What If My License Stopped Working?

A license - trial or full - can stop working in one of the following cases:

  • A trial license or full license expires: you cannot run new scans. However, the data collected so far is not deleted, so you can still generate reports based on it, and you can access it again when you install a new license.

  • The data allowance of a trial or full license is used up: you will not be able to launch new scans until you install a new license and the Available figure has a positive value. All scans that were already in a 'running' state will fail with a 'Data Allowance exhausted' error.

  • A license is deleted: stops working but the data is not deleted so you just have to reinstall the license or install a new one.

  • You overwrite a trial license with a full one: the new license takes over the data stored under the trial license.

Q2a) You scanned a 10 GB folder on WinServer which has 100 files, then updated 50 files (1 GB). When you rescan the folder, how much data will be consumed? (10 GB + 1 GB?)

Answer: If the folder size after the update is 11 GB -> the data consumed will increase to 11 GB.

Q2b) Next, you removed 20 files (100 MB each) and now the folder size is 9 GB. When you rescan the folder, how much data will be consumed?

Answer: The data allowance size will remain the maximum size ever scanned for that folder -> the data consumed will remain 11 GB (it will never decrease).

Q3) You scan a DB table, when some records inside the table have been updated. Will DDC then recalculate that table's data capacity?

This is a similar case as in Q2. If the DB size is X GB and, after you update some records its size is Y GB, then the data consumed will be:

  1. if X > Y, data consumed = X GB
  2. if X = Y, data consumed = X GB
  3. if X < Y, data consumed = Y GB