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Install Virtual CipherTrust Manager

Resizing the Virtual Hard Disk After Deployment


Please Note:

Resizing the Virtual Hard Disk After Deployment

You can use the cloud provider's tools to resize a virtual CipherTrust Manager instance's hard disk size after deployment.

If you have applied disk encryption, you need a ksctl connection to unlock the instance after resizing.

Resizing an instance

  1. Shut down the Guest OS or power off the virtual CipherTrust Manager instance.

  2. Use the cloud provider's tooling to resize the hard disk.

    The resulting disk size will be slightly smaller (within 2 GB) of the setting you apply here.

  3. Power the device back on.

  4. If the disk was encrypted, booting pauses until you secure boot with the following command:

    $ ksctl diskenc secureboot -i <private ssh key for the instance> -u https://<instance dns name>

    The instance resumes booting.

  5. To confirm the disk resize:

    1. Use the Web Console for SSH access to the instance.

    2. Login the ksadmin user.

    3. Run the following command to display the disk size used df -h /.