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Virtual CipherTrust Manager Licensing Model


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Virtual CipherTrust Manager Licensing Model

Virtual CipherTrust Manager instances require a valid CipherTrust Manager license. An initial 90-day Trial CipherTrust Manager License is provided for evaluation. 30 days prior to license expiration, the CipherTrust Manager Server will notify you, in the top banner in red, that your license is expiring soon. Before the expiration, a new purchased license must be installed.

Either a k170v or k470v license may be purchased. k170v allows for up to four CPUs, whereas k470v allows for more than four CPUs. If you find that your initial choice of license doesn't meet your needs, you can purchase and change to the other license type at any time. A k170v or k470v license immediately takes effect when applied. The most recently applied license overrides existing Virtual CipherTrust Manager licenses, even if older licenses have not yet expired.

All models of CipherTrust Manager require valid Connector/client licenses to access connector functionality.

Contact a Thales Sales representative for assistance in obtaining licenses.