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Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE)


Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE)

Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) enables you to migrate or extend your on-premise VMware workloads to Google Cloud without refactoring the applications. This allows you to benefit from increased scale and agility while continuing to leverage the value of your existing VMware investments. Additionally, it helps you to maintain continuity with existing tools, policies, and unify management across environments.

CipherTrust Manager (CM) can be integrated with GCVE to act as an external KMS, as shown in the following diagram.

Supported Product Versions

This integration is supported on the following software versions.

Google Cloud vSphere

  • GCVE 6.7 and higher

CipherTrust Manager

  • CipherTrust Manager 1.9.1 and higher


  • Ensure that the CipherTrust Manager is installed and configured. For more details, refer to the CipherTrust Manager documentation.

  • GCVE communicates with the CipherTrust Manager using the KMIP interface. Ensure that the KMIP interface is configured on the CipherTrust Manager. Refer to the CipherTrust Manager Administration Guide for details.

  • IP address of the CipherTrust Manager and port of the KMIP interface must be accessible from GCVE.

  • CipherTrust Manager recognizes only registered KMIP clients. Ensure that GCVE is registered as a KMIP client on the CipherTrust Manager. Refer to KMIP Client Registration for more details.

  • Ensure that the required licenses are activated. For more details, refer to the CipherTrust Manager documentation.

Steps for Integration

To integrate GCVE with the CipherTrust Manager:

  1. Configure CM on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  2. Enable vSAN Encryption

  3. Enable VMware KMIP Connection

  4. Register KMIP Client

  5. Configure VMWare VCenter