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Setting Up


Setting Up

Setting Up

This section describes the end-to-end CCC set up process through the following topics:

Topic Description
Hardware and Software Requirements Specifies the system requirements that you must meet for efficiently deploying a CCC server.
Creating a Root of Trust Explains how you can create a root of trust on an HSM device to use the CCC server.
Installing CCC Outlines the steps involved in CCC server installation.
Configuring CCC Outlines the steps involved in CCC server configuration.
Using a CA-Signed Certificate Describes how you can sign the CCC SSL certificate using a trusted certificate authority.
Installing PostgreSQL Manually Narrates how you can manually install PostgreSQL on the same server or on an external server.
Installing Oracle Database Narrates how you can configure CCC to store its data on an Oracle database instance.
High-Availability Configurations Discusses how to deploy CCC in a high availability configuration.
Adding/Deleting CORS Settings Shares the steps that a CCC Administrator can use to add/delete a CORS domain in PostgreSQL/Oracle database.
Upgrading CCC Provides the recommended path for upgrading CCC to use Universal Client 10.3.