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This section describes how to use the CCC administrative interface for managing users, devices, and services; generating reports; and performing server administration tasks. Here's a brief explanation of the topics that are covered:

Topic Description
Server Administration Discusses how to performs tasks such as logging into the CCC server, activating and deactivating the CCC root of trust, managing licenses, managing CCC service, and adding and managing directories.
Account Management Describes how to add and manage users in CCC.
Device Management Contains details related to adding, viewing, editing, and managing devices; and troubleshooting device connections.
Service Monitoring Explains how to view service monitoring table, partition cards, operations per second, client connection information, and custom notifications.
Service Management Delineates discovering and importing unmanaged partitions, creating and managing service templates, creating new servives, initializing services, managing services, and migrating services.
Dashboard Provides an overview of the CCC dashboard, including dashboard summary, device highlights, and service highlights.
Reports Covers topics such as generating and viewing services report, generating and viewing devices report, and performing various tasks related to reports.
Device Monitoring Narrates how to monitor the status of all your managed devices, and how to view detailed information related to individual devices.
Event Logs Touches upon the event logs feature of CCC.
Device Logs Outlines exporting device logs to a third-party monitoring and analytics tool, and finding and downloading device logs.
Notifications Deals with configuring CCC notifications.
Support Catalogue Specifies how to upload a secure package file and how to apply a secure package to a device.