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Hortonworks Data Platform


Hortonworks Data Platform

This document describes how to install, configure, and integrate Cloudera Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) with the CipherTrust Manager.

Hortonworks Data Platform is an open source application for sharing large multi-domain data sets to be stored and processed.

HDP upgrades your IT infrastructure and keeps your data secure in the cloud or on-site, thus enabling you to drive new revenue streams, improve customer experience, and control costs.

CipherTrust Manager is deployed to provide a security framework to the data in use, data at rest, and the data in transit.

HDP uses Apache Ranger KMS with the CipherTrust Manager to implement security, utilizing SafeNet ProtectApp SUN PKCS#11 to store the HDP cluster keys on the CipherTrust Manager. CipherTrust Manager secures the HDP Cluster Key generated and used by the HDP.

Supported Product Versions

This integration is validated on the following operating system:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

CipherTrust Manager

  • CipherTrust Manager 2.0 and higher

SafeNet ProtectApp PKCS#11 Provider

  • SafeNet ProtectApp PKCS#11 Provider 8.3.2 and higher


  • Ensure that the CipherTrust Manager is installed and configured. For more details, refer to the CipherTrust Manager documentation.

  • HDP communicates with the CipherTrust Manager using the Network Attached Encryption (NAE) Interface. Ensure that the NAE interface is configured. Refer to the CipherTrust Manager Documentation for more details.

  • Ensure that the port configured on NAE interface is accessible from HDP machine.

  • Ensure that Apache Ranger KMS is installed and configured. For more information, refer to the Hortonworks documentation.

  • Ensure Setting up SSL.

Steps for Integration

  1. Install the SafeNet ProtectApp PKCS#11 Provider

  2. Integrate Apache Ranger KMS with CipherTrust Manager