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CTE for Kubernetes Administration

Install CTE for Kubernetes


Install CTE for Kubernetes

Installation Dependencies

CTE for Kubernetes requires the following dependencies:

  • helm

  • kubectl

Getting CTE for Kubernetes deployment files

Install CTE for Kubernetes through the yaml files available in the cte-csi-deploy Git repository at:

git clone

How to Deploy pods/services in Kubernetes Cluster

The CTE for Kubernetes images are distributed through the Thales Docker Hub.

All of the pods/services are deployed using yaml files. The yaml files are executed using the provided scripts.

Options for Deploy Scripts

Option Function Description
-t --tag= Tag of image on the server. Default latest
-r --remove Remove all the running pods, services and secrets.

Deploy all of the pods by using the following command and argument:

    > cd ciphertrust-transparent-encryption-kubernetes
    > ./

To terminate all of the pods and delete all of the services and secrets:

    > cd ciphertrust-transparent-encryption-kubernetes 
    > ./ --remove

Verify CTE for Kubernetes

Verify that CTE for Kubernetes is running, type:

kubectl get pods --namespace=kube-system -o wide | grep cte-csi


NAME                   READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
cte-csi-controller-0   2/2     Running   0          33h
cte-csi-node-4hzhh     4/4     Running   0          33h
cte-csi-node-7mp6l     4/4     Running   0          33h