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Release Notes


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Release Notes

Product Description

The pdbctl utility performs data migrations for CDP clients using the CipherTrust Manager.

Release Description

Support added in the pdbctl utility to run as a service and handle encrypt and decrypt requests from the CipherTrust Manager's UI and API.


  • Error replacement value is not supported.

  • Migration of tables with identity columns are not supported.

  • Centralized management of multiple databases is not supported.

  • No graphic user interface, only command line interface is supported.

  • Java 1.8.0_252 or higher is mandatory for utility to run.

  • Oracle database's Java version should be 1.6.0_121 or higher for SSL connection.

  • After migration, instead of returning the INSERT/UPDATE operation disallowed error, the insert and update operations get surpassed on virtual columns; however, the behavior remains the same, the values in the virtual columns are based on the original default value expression.


This section documents known compatibility topics to be considered before deploying the pdbctl utility.

Key Manager

pdbctl functionalitiesSupported CipherTrust Manager versions
Command line utility1.8.0 and higher versions
Migration Server2.11 and higher versions.

CDP Clients

CDP ClientMinimum Supported Version
CDP for Oracle8.10.0 or higher versions
CDP for MS SQL8.10.0 or higher versions
CDP for DB28.8.0 or higher versions