About the Cluster Administration Guide

This document describes the setup and administrative procedures required to use clusters and keyrings on your Luna Network HSM 7.

NOTE   Thales recommends Luna Appliance Software 7.8.3 with cluster package 1.0.3, Luna HSM Firmware 7.8.2, and Luna HSM Client 10.6.0 to use clusters.


>Installing or Updating the Cluster Package

>Configuring the Luna Network HSM 7 for Clustering

>Managing Cluster Members

Creating a Cluster

Adding a New Member to an Existing Cluster

Moving a Member to a Different Affinity Group

Promoting a Member to Primary

Removing a Functioning Member From a Cluster

Deleting an Unrecoverable Member From a Cluster

>Cluster-Client Connections

>Managing Keyrings

Creating New Keyrings

Configuring Keyring Roles

Deleting a Keyring

>Cluster Backup and Restore

Backing Up a Cluster

Restoring a Cluster from Backup

Backing Up/Restoring the Cluster SMK

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>Support Contacts

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