About the Appliance Administration Guide

The maintenance and administrative tasks in this document are for the Luna Network HSM 7 appliance, outside of the HSM. HSM administrative tasks are described in the HSM Administration Guide. Some activities might encompass both portions of the Luna Network HSM 7 server.

As an HSM Server, Luna Network HSM 7 provides increased operational flexibility over traditional HSMs. The Luna Network HSM 7 appliance includes an integrated FIPS 140-2 level 3 HSM, the Luna K7 Cryptographic Engine.

The HSM appliance that you have purchased has been factory configured to authenticate as either:

>Password authentication version (equivalent to FIPS 140-2 level 3, using password strings for authentication and access control.

>Multifactor Quorum (a.k.a. PED or Trusted Path) authentication version that requires the Luna PED and role-/function-authenticating PED keys for authentication and access control.

The HSM appliance adds a secure service layer (NTLS and STC) that allows the Luna Cryptographic Engine (the HSM inside the appliance) to be shared as a service to network applications. Like traditional servers that provide e-mail, web pages, and file download (FTP) services to authenticated clients, the HSM appliance offers HSM services to clients on the network.

As an Ethernet-attached device, the HSM appliance can be shared among many applications on a network. Rather than requiring many HSMs to fulfill the security demands of many applications, one HSM appliance can be shared among many applications simultaneously.

This document contains the following chapters:

>Luna Network HSM 7 Hardware Installation

>Appliance Hardware Functions

>Configuring the Luna Network HSM 7 for Your Network

>Appliance Users and Roles

>System Logging

>Client Connections

>Backing Up and Restoring the Appliance Configuration

>Updating the Luna Network HSM 7 Appliance Software

>Re-Imaging or Decommissioning the HSM Appliance

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