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MySQL supports transparent data encryption, which provides data-at-rest encryption for physical tablespace data files. This feature uses a two-tier encryption key architecture, consisting of a master encryption key and tablespace keys. When a table is encrypted, a tablespace key is encrypted and stored in the tablespace header. When an application user wants to access the encrypted tablespace data, a master encryption key is used to decrypt the tablespace key. When integrated with CipherTrust Manager, the master encryption key resides on CipherTrust Manager.

Supported Product Versions

CipherTrust Manager

  • CipherTrust Manager 2.3 and higher

MySQL Version

  • MySQL 8.0.27 and higher

Operating System

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7


  • Ensure that the CipherTrust Manager is installed and configured. For more details, refer to the CipherTrust Manager documentation for details.

  • Ensure that the KMIP interface is configured on the CipherTrust Manager. MySQL communicates with the CipherTrust Manager using the KMIP interface. Refer to the CipherTrust Manager documentation for details.

  • IP address of the CipherTrust Manager and port of the KMIP interface are accessible from MySQL.

  • Ensure that KMIP client is registered. CipherTrust Manager recognizes only registered KMIP clients. Refer to KMIP Client Registration for details.

Steps for Integration

  1. Pre-Integration

  2. Integration with CipherTrust Manager

  3. Verifying Your Integration