Token management and enrollment

For existing customers who are currently using MobilePASS tokens, you need to provision new MobilePASS tokens on MobilePASS+ after the upgrade. The same MobilePASS token type is used for allocation.

Users need to enroll a new MobilePASS+ token. After enrollment is complete, users also need to be aware of the applications for which they can use their MobilePASS+ tokens for Push OTP.

After users enroll new tokens in MobilePASS+, you can revoke their tokens in MobilePASS 8, return them to inventory, and then reuse them to migrate more users from MobilePASS 8 to MobilePASS+.

Token enrollment process

The token enrollment process on the mobile device is largely unchanged from previous versions. After the STA operator provisions a user with a MobilePASS token, the user receives an enrollment email. To enroll the token, the user opens the enrollment email on a compatible device, follows the instructions to download MobilePASS+, and then clicks the auto-enrollment link on the self-enrollment page.

During enrollment, users are asked whether to permit push notifications in MobilePASS+ on their device, as shown in the image below

If they opt-out (select No Thanks) during enrollment, they can grant permission through the MobilePASS+ app later, by sliding the Autosend Passcode button to the right (blue indicates that Push OTP is activated) in the MobilePASS+ settings.

For additional details, refer to the MobilePASS+ user guides.

Viewing device information about MobilePASS tokens

Operators can inspect which device a MobilePASS token was provisioned on, and whether push OTP is enabled.

To view the MobilePASS token details:

1.On the STA Token Management console, select Tokens > Tokens.

2.In the Token List, click a token serial number to view. The token details are displayed.

NOTE   The token details can also be viewed in Assignment > Tokens.

The Mobile App section includes the following details:

Target: This field displays the device OS on which the MobilePASS token is enrolled.

Device Type: This field displays the type of device on which the MobilePASS token is enrolled.

Push OTP: This field displays the Push OTP state at the time of token enrollment:

Enabled—This state is displayed if the user has permitted Push OTP notifications on the device.

Disabled—This state is displayed if the user has not permitted Push OTP notifications on the device, but the application is push capable (MobilePASS+).

Not Applicable—This state is displayed if the application is not push capable for the provisioned token (MobilePASS 8).

Users – With Tokens report

This report can help track MobilePASS+ and push OTP deployment. It includes token details (OS type, device type, and push OTP state) for MobilePASS tokens, for all users in a virtual server.