Version Dependencies by Feature

Some of the SafeNet Luna PCIe HSM functionality described in the documentation has been introduced in updates since the initial product release. For your own reasons, you may wish to apply some aspects of a product update and not others. For example:

>you may choose to update client software while keeping an earlier, FIPS-certified firmware version

>if you are maintaining a large number of client workstations, it may be cumbersome to apply software updates to all of them

The following table outlines the SafeNet Luna PCIe HSM functions that depend on a certain software/firmware version, or have other requirements you must consider.

Function Minimum Version Requirements Notes

Improved Luna HSM Client

>Version-Compatible Luna HSM Client (Luna HSMs version 6.2.1 and higher)

>Modifying the Installed Windows Luna HSM Client Software

>User-Defined Luna HSM Client install paths

Client: 7.2

>The PE1756Enabled setting on Luna 6.x HSMs is not supported for use with the Version-Compatible Luna HSM Client

>Minimum OS requirements for Luna HSM Client 7.2 must be met (Refer to the CRN for details)

Relabel partitions

>partition changelabel

Firmware: 7.2.0

Client: 7.2

Crypto User can clone public objects Firmware: 7.2.0

The Crypto User (CU) role has always been able to create public objects, but not clone them. In HA mode, this would cause the replication and subsequent object creation operations to fail. Firmware 7.2.0 allows the CU to clone public objects, and therefore to perform operations on HA groups without Crypto Officer authentication.

Configure partition policies for export of private keys

>Keys In Hardware vs. Private Key Export

Firmware: 7.1.0

You can configure partition policies for Cloning or Key Export Mode manually, as long as you have updated the HSM firmware. To set these modes using Policy Templates, you must meet the Policy Template requirements.

Policy Templates

>Policy Templates

Firmware: 7.1.0

Client: 7.1