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SafeNet PCI-E HSM 6.2


The SafeNet PCI-E HSM documentation is provided in HTML and PDF formats. You can access it directly from the DVD, or you can copy it to a file server or web server for distributed access. See the README for more information.

HTML PDF Description
Product Overview Provides an overview of the SafeNet HSM product line.
Installation Guide Describes how to install the SafeNet Network, PCI-E, and USB HSMs, the Remote PED, and the SafeNet HSM client software.
Configuration Guide Describes how to configure your SafeNet HSM to prepare it to work in your environment.
Administration Guide Describes how to perform ongoing operational and administrative tasks to maintain the operational functionality and efficiency of your HSMs.
LunaCM Command Reference Guide Describes how to access and use the LunaCM command line tool, and provides detailed syntax descriptions for each available command.
Utilities Reference Guide Describes the various utilities included with the SafeNet HSM client software.
SDK Reference Guide Describes how to use the SafeNet HSM SDK to integrate your applications with a SafeNet HSM.
Customer Release Notes (External link. PDF only) The customer release notes (CRN) provide important information about this release that is not included in the customer documentation. Read the CRN to fully understand the capabilities, limitations, and known issues for this release.