How to Use This Help

When working with a Luna HSM as an administrator, you can benefit from having two windows open on your computer desktop:

In addition, you might have a file-system window or a local command-line/console window for handling file transfers (to/from the Luna appliance) and other activities.

Methods of Navigation

The table of contents, index, search and glossary functions are located on the tabs on the left side of the Help window. In the Help file, click a tab to display the navigation method you would like to use.


Links appear throughout the topics of the Help file to offer shortcuts to additional procedures as well as to topics that may also be of interest to you. Links are easily identified by the characteristics of your pointer. The arrow changes to a hand when you are over a hyperlink. All hyperlinks can be accessed by clicking the link.

Related Topics: A list of hyperlinks that take you to topics related to the currently displayed topic.

Cross-references: Directs you to more specific instructions that you may or may not need to complete the procedure. Text that begins with "See..." in the middle of a sentence denotes a live reference to another Help topic, and includes the first heading in that topic so you can decide if it is of interest to you.

Expanding Text links: Purple or orange inline text with a small arrow-head icon indicates expanding text or drop down text to show you more details on the current subject without taking you to another page. In the case of expanding or drop-down text, click the link a second time to close it.

Additional Considerations

When you need assistance or instructions to perform a task, find that task in the ToC or Index. Then arrange this Help window comfortably alongside your command-line windows. If the screen is not large enough to have the windows side-by-side, then place one on top of the other and use [Alt][Tab] to alternate between your working window and this window ([Alt][Tab] works in Windows and in several Linux and UNIX GUI interfaces). As you progress through the task in your working window, be sure to follow along in the Help window for instructions, options, and possible tips and cautions.

It is ALWAYS best to read through a procedure or set of instructions before you take action. Some operations have timeouts that don't really permit the luxury of learning and researching while you are in the middle of a procedure. Some procedures have options that could have unwanted consequences if you select an option in haste, rather than understanding ahead-of-time the implications of actions and choices that you will encounter.

If a procedure has many steps and needs more than one Help window to describe it, then the navigation will be made obvious by a list of links, usually at the bottom of the current page.

Some tasks have options (depending on the version of your appliance or on your network). To prevent clutter, the Help presents a question or a decision, with a set of links – one link for each branch of the choice. You click to follow the branch that applies to your situation, and you never need to see the instructions for non-applicable tasks.


Viewing Related Information

Text that links to other pages normally appears orange, and underlined.

Sometimes it is useful to have specific expansion text on the page where you are following a procedure, but to hide it unless needed

Text words that expand into additional "drop-down" text on the same page normally appear orange [If this was expanding text, it would be hidden until you clicked the "link" or expandable text, at which point it would expand to displace (not cover) the surrounding text, in order to provide a secondary explanation for something that is talked about in the main text - click again and the expanding text once more hides itself] or purple. You can test some examples near the top of this page.

A Help page containing a list of instructions might also contain links to detailed explanations, options, glossary definitions, and more. If you select such links, perhaps to learn more about a procedure before performing the next step, use the right-hand mouse button (right-click) on the link, rather than the left mouse button. Doing so gives you the option to open the link in a new browser window or tab. When you have finished viewing supplementary information, you can close that window and the main Help window is still open to your procedure page.

Other Navigation and Decision Aids

This icon indicates information to which you should pay special attention (implications, caveats, exceptions).


This icon indicates information that could save you from possible inconvenience or re-work.


This icon indicates critical situations where your important data, keys, certificates, or even your livelihood might be at risk if you fail to heed the warnings and instructions.


If you see this icon at the top of a page, it indicates that the entire topic applies only to Luna appliances with Luna PED (Trusted Path) Authentication.
If you see the icon within the body of a page, then the information that it highlights is specific to Luna appliance with PED Authentication, but the rest of the page is common to all versions.