ProtectServer HSM 5.9

Product Documentation

The 5.9 release was introduced in December 2019 and last revised in February 2020. It includes new client software, appliance software, and HSM firmware. It works with the Network (PSE2+ and PSE2) and PCIe HSMs.

Release 5.9 software and firmware versions
Client software 5.9
Appliance software (Network HSMs only) 5.9
HSM firmware

5.03.02 (FIPS-validated)

New Features and Enhancements

>CTMULTITOKEN - a new multi-threaded performance testing tool

>Key creation from multiple components and multi-custodian backup/restore allowed in FIPS mode

>MIBs for SNMP logging enhancements

>New TUAK and KECCAK mechanisms

>New PSESH commands display HSM information and allow audit log cleanup

Release Documentation

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