ProtectServer HSM 5.5

Product Documentation

The 5.5 release was introduced in December 2017 and last revised in July 2018. It includes new client software, appliance software, and HSM firmware. It works with the Network (PSE2+ and PSE2) and PCIe HSMs.

Release 5.5 software and firmware versions
Client software 5.5
Appliance software (Network HSMs only) 5.5
HSM firmware

5.01.02 (FIPS-validated)

New Features and Enhancements

>Key Management Utility (KMU) backup

>Key component entry via Verifone VX805 PIN Pad

>RSA-PSS Algorithm support in ctbrowse

>AES-OFB algorithm support

>PKCS#11 v2.20-compliant AES and DES/DES3 algorithm support

>SHA256 with ECDSA GBCS support

>Curve 25519 support for ECDH key derivation

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