Luna USB HSM 7

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The Luna USB HSM 7 was introduced in August 2022.

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New Features and Enhancements

>Portable: The Luna USB HSM 7's hand-held form factor and USB connectivity make it the most portable model of Luna HSM. This allows you to easily store your important keys and connect the device to any client to perform cryptographic operations.

>Easy to Store and Use: The Luna USB HSM 7 can be stored indefinitely, making it ideal to safely store an offline root of trust, and retrieve from storage only when that root of trust is required. Using the Luna USB HSM 7 is as simple as connecting it to a client with the correct Luna HSM Client components installed.

>Self-Contained: The Luna USB HSM 7 can be operated entirely from the Luna HSM Client computer. Its built-in touchscreen allows you to perform all multifactor authentication and iKey management operations locally, with no need to connect a Luna PED.

>Single-partition: The Luna USB HSM 7 is a single-partition HSM. Access to the partition is managed by a special access control role. The Luna USB HSM 7 offers hardware accelerated RSA algorithms that can be used in the development of solutions for resource constrained environments (devices like smart phones, tablets, etc.), without the need to purchase additional licenses.

>Cost Effective: Like the other Luna HSMs, the Luna USB HSM 7 securely stores cryptographic keys in its hardware; sensitive information never leaves the HSM protection. The Luna USB HSM 7 provides PKCS#11-compliant cryptographic services for applications running on the client in a secure and tamper-proof hardware package. Leveraging a Luna USB HSM 7 in your appliance or service represents a cost effective way to bring FIPS 140-3-validated solutions to market.

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