Luna USB HSM with Universal Client


The Luna Universal Client software was first introduced in December 2019.

Release 10.x software version compatibility
Client software Luna Universal Client 10.x
USB HSM firmware

6.10.9 or higher

New Features and Enhancements

>The 10.x Universal Client works with both Luna HSMs and Luna Cloud HSM services

>Remote PED Support on Linux

>Windows Secure Boot compliant drivers (PCIe, USB, and PED)

> Luna B-series Backup HSM operational enhancements and support for Remote Backup Service (RBS)

Release Documentation

The Luna USB HSM works with all versions of the Luna Universal Client. The USB HSM documentation was not updated for this release. Refer to the latest Luna USB HSM 7 documentation for information about installing and using the 10.x client. The capabilities of your USB HSM are described in the documentation for its current firmware version.

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